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Tip #5: The Surrender Position Draw


The draw is something many people take for granted. Some are just content with their draw time and do not bother to try and better it. I agree the draw is not the most important thing in our sport but it does add up. Everything we do in this sport down to the .01’s of seconds add up.

Here is something for you to think about: If shooter “A” can consistently get his first shot off in 1.2 seconds and shooter “B” consistently gets his first shot off in 1 second, it really doesn’t seem like that big of a difference, right? Wrong! Here is why. .2 seconds times 35 stages at the World Shoot equals 7 SECONDS! Depending on the hit factors of the stage shooter “B” has about a 35-50 point advantage of shooter “A” before the match even started! That is just a little something to get you motivated to never settle for anything.

Surrender Position

  • Allow your body to completely relax and pay attention only for the very start of the buzzer. Any tension will result in a slower draw time.
  • Adjust your holster to where it is in a comfortable position so you are not causing tension in your shoulders or arms to make the draw.
  • Slightly tilt the holster forward ensuring you get the beaver tail out of your way for a more consistent draw.
  • Ensuring both hands are above your shoulders, at the sound of the buzzer exhale slightly allowing your shoulders to relax, thus getting you to the gun faster.
  • Your weak hand will fall in front of your chest as your strong hand gets to the gun.
  • Once the gun is out of the holster your hands will meet where your weak hand fell. This will bring you to the high ready position that will allow you to push the gun out consistently every time.


There are many types of drills that can be done to better your draw. Remember the different types of draws and work on all of them such as surrender, relaxed, on the table, in a brief case, etc. I’m sure you noticed I used the word consistent a few times in this tip. Consistency is the key. If you can stay consistent and smooth you will always have the grip you are looking for when you get the gun up and ready to shoot your first shot. Remember never settle!

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