Get your Max Michel merch and feel like a Pro when you hit the range. Max has a wide variety of merchandise available and always adding to the lineup. The ever popular “Original” Dr. PewPew shirt was the first and still one of the most popular designs!

Howitzer Clothing – Introducing the Max Michel Pro Staff Collection by Howitzer. A blend of style and purpose, supporting Law Enforcement Training nationwide. A portion of the proceeds go toward the Wishes for Warriors Foundation, empowering LE groups and many other first responders. Join us in supporting the mission!

RANGE TIME by Max Michel and Saul Kirsch

RANGE TIME is an Action Shooting training book, offering you a wide range of drills to help improve your shooting skills. It’s the perfect book to have in your range bag as you head out to practice – making each session more productive and enjoyable.  

EZ-AIM Targets – Introducing the EZ Aim® Max Michel Course of Fire Training Targets, A-2 and B-2 paper targets. Provided on each target is an integrated training system prescribed by Max Michel himself, providing a valuable resource and guidance to maximize the effectiveness of your practice sessions. With 50 targets included in each pack, ensuring you have all you need for extended shooting sessions. Let Max Michel lead the way in unlocking your potential and improved shooting skills.